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South Dakota. Especially Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Not exactly what pops in your head when you hear rock climbing. With its flat agricultural landscape to its blistering cold winters we aren't given the best opportunities to enjoy the world of climbing. I wanted to change this!


Hi my name is Travis Klinghagen! I have spent a large part of my life working and competing in the fitness and sports world. During that time I started to feel bogged down and had to look at what brought joy into my life. Family, friends, and the outdoors were top on my list, so I began to focus harder on these things. This brought me to the first time I climbed both outdoors and indoors. I was hooked! The freedom, the rush, the challenge, I loved it all. The best part? I was able to do it with my family and make friendships. Inspiration came and alongside my beautiful family, Brit and Palmer, I have spent two and a half years dreaming, planning, and creating an indoor climbing gym. We need a place to combat the staleness of winter and a place to grow our community through adventure. We need a place for kids to challenge themselves and conquer new heights. We need a place for families to bond and have a blast. Thus, Climberz was born!

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