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You have questions? Let's answer them! 

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing, without using ropes or harnesses, on climbs that don’t go too high off the ground. Our climbing walls range from 12 to 16 feet tall. We also have a toddler wall that is 8 feet tall.  There are thick mats under the walls to land on. Climbing is a fun activity that offers a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and is challenging not only physically, but mentally. Climbing uses almost every muscle in your body from your arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet, hips and core. Climbing also works your brain. Climbing sequences require mental strategy of movement and body awareness. Each climbing route is given a number grade from beginner to advanced. It’s easy to stay motivated and track your progress as you improve in your climbing ability. Climbing also provides a great social aspect for both individuals and families.


Do I need to have prior climbing experience before I climb at Climberz?

No. We have walls and routes for every level of experience. We have plenty of beginner routes you’ll enjoy working through. If you can climb a ladder, you can climb on our bouldering walls. That’s what is so great about climbing, anyone can do it. Once you’ve mastered our beginning routes, we also have several intermediate and advanced routes waiting for you to try.


What is the Climbing Rating System?

Climberz set routes and problems based off of the Hueco Scale. This system describes the difficulty level of the climb in combination with a scaled rating number from Beginner to Elite.


Boulder Problems:

VB - Beginner

V0-V4 - Intermediate

V5-V9 - Advanced

V10 +  - Elite


What should I do before my first visit?

All Visitors to Climberz who will be entering the climbing area of the facility whether climbing or spectating are required to complete a Waiver. Before visiting our facility, be sure to fill out a Waiver. Completing the Waiver prior to arriving to climb will save you time and get you climbing faster. You can access the Waiver here on our website. 


If you forget to complete the Waiver online prior to coming to Climberz, no worries, you can access and complete the Waiver from your cell phone or on our Kiosk when you arrive. Keep in mind, if you are bringing a child and you are not their parent or guardian, arrange to have the Waiver completed by their parent or guardian.


When you arrive, our staff will check you in, give you a tour of the facility and instruct you on basic bouldering procedures. Once you feel confident, you can climb as much as you’d like.


Who can climb?

We offer climbing for all ages and abilities. There is no minimum or maximum age or skill set to climb at Climberz. Supervision is required for all climbers age 13 and under. Climbers age 13 and under are required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian/chaperone at least sixteen (16) years old or older while climbing, unless participating in a Climberz staff supervised camp, clinic or class. Climbers must be sixteen (16) years old or older to participate in specific areas of our training area, unless participating in a Climberz staff supervised camp, clinic or class.

Non climbers and spectators do not need to pay to be in the facility. There is no weight limit for climbing in the facility. 


Do I need a membership?

No, anyone can purchase a day pass for access to climb. Our day passes are good for all day on the day of purchase, meaning you can come and go throughout the day as you please.


How much does it cost to be a member?

Please check out our membership options on our pricing page. Any questions, please call us.


Am I able to rent climbing equipment?

Yes. We have climbing shoes available to rent. If you leave the facility and return within the same day, we will hold your rental shoes at the desk. If you choose not to rent shoes, please make sure you have a pair of clean closed toed athletic shoes with you to climb in.


What should I wear?

Whatever you’re most comfortable in for other types of physical pursuits. If you have long hair, you may want to bring a hair tie to tie it back. You can bring your own climbing shoes or clean closed toed athletic shoes or you can rent a pair of climbing shoes from us!


Is there a family membership?

Yes, our family memberships are available to both married and unmarried couples residing in the same household. Proof of residency is required for unmarried couples. Families have a great time climbing at Climberz. Check out our family membership options on our pricing page or contact us, we’ll be happy to answer any questions. 


What types of youth programming do you offer?

Bouldering is a great activity for kids providing both mental and physical challenges. Our classes and camps are designed to provide your kids with climbing knowledge and skill; develop and increase their coordination, flexibility, and strength; facilitate problem solving and team building; build confidence and self esteem; and introduce and excite kids with general knowledge of nature. 


Climberz is currently running youth climbing classes and youth summer camps for kids ages 6-13.  We will continue to add classes and camps, so be sure to check out our website and follow us on social media for new additional classes and times. Please contact us if you have questions regarding our classes and camps.


Do I need a partner to Climb?

Nope! Since there’s no roped climbing in our gym, there is no need to arrange a partner!


Is there a group discount?

We love having groups come to climb with us. Please contact us to discuss pricing and arrangements for your group.


How do I change/update my Membership or Credit Card?

You can stop by the front desk at Climberz during our open hours to make any membership changes. You can also call or email us and we will be glad to help. 

How do I cancel my auto-pay monthly membership?

See our cancellation policy/refund policy below:

  • Auto-Pay Monthly Membership and Auto-Pay Monthly Class Sessions:

Auto-Pay Monthly Memberships and Auto-Pay Monthly Class Sessions can be cancelled after the first full month. Fees are non-refundable.

Notice of cancellation must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days prior to the month the cancellation is to take place. Cancellation will take place and be effective on the first (1st) of the following month. (That is, we will not charge you again after you cancel, but you will not receive a refund for the remainder of the month for which you have already been charged). If however, the request for cancellation is received less than fifteen (15) days prior to the first (1st) of the month, members will be charged for that following month and the membership will be cancelled effective on the first (1st) of that next month. Members will continue to have access to the facility during that month until the cancellation is effective.

  • Prepaid Annual Membership and Prepaid Annual Class Sessions:

Prepaid Annual Membership and Prepaid Annual Class Sessions may be cancelled at any time. Fees are non-refundable, except under the following circumstances.

Disability or Death: A member may, after cancelling a Prepaid Annual Membership or Prepaid Annual Class Sessions, receive a partial refund if the reason for cancellation is due to the Member becoming disabled and not able to participate in climbing activities for 90 days or more and a licensed physician provides written proof of the Members disability stating that the member is not physically able to participate in climbing activities for 90 days or more or if the Member dies and the Members estate provides written proof of the Members death. Climberz then will refund a prorated unused portion of the Members membership, less any fees as provided herein.

All refunds are subject to a fifteen (15) day processing period. Cancellation must take place as stated under the “Cancellation Policy” as stated in this Membership Agreement.

  • How to Request Cancellation:

Requests for cancellation can be done in person at Climberz front desk, by phone or via email at Requests must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days prior to the first (1st) of the month that the cancellation is to take place. (Example: to cancel beginning July 1st, the request must be submitted no later than June 15th).


Looking for answers to other questions?

Contact us at: 605-929-4492

Email us at:

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